Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love my mom so much! I thought I'd list off a few things that make her so great...

- She always puts her family first
- She makes me laugh so so much!
- She has always been so involved and supportive
- She is so giving. Time, energy, and everything else she can
- She's a best friend as well as a mother
- She is so talented, and she magnifies those talents by using them to help others
- She is a wonderful example of the kind of mother I want to be

Here's a pic of my mom and her girls :)

Matt's mom is also a wonderful mother and I couldn't be happier to have her as a mother-in-law! I sure got lucky with the amazing family I married into. Here are a few reasons why Matt and I love Lou so much...

- She loves her family so much and would do anything for them
- She is such a hard worker
- She sincerely loves everyone
- She is very giving of all that she has
- She's very outgoing and loves to have fun!
- She uses her talents to bless the lives of others
- She's an amazing example of what we want to be more like

Obviously both of our mom's have so many good qualities that they share (wow, very similar lists! Sorry for the repetition!) and they are both so unique as well. We could go on forever about both of them, but we hope they know how much we love them! Happy mother's day!

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