Sunday, October 31, 2010

October's over? What?

Wow I have no idea how October flew by as fast as it did! So much has happened! It was a great month. First of all, it was my birthday. Yes, I am the big 24. So weird. Whenever my birthday rolls around I always say how I feel so old... then everyone I know who is over the age of 30 gets mad at me and tells me I can't say that because I'm still a baby. OK, I know I'm not that old, but still! It's old for ME OK?? haha. But my birthday was fabulous. It consisted of going out to dinner, feeling like a princess, and getting a bike from my super husband :) We want to find some fun new trails close by to go biking on, so hopefully we'll have a couple more days of good weather! If not, my wonderful little bike will have to wait until winter decides to leave again.

It was also Matt's birthday this month! He's a whole quarter of a century now. Jeez, and I thought I was old! ;) Poor guy had to take a seriously brutal Probability test on his special day and pulled over a 13-hour day at the school. Yuk. But he had a great attitude, and we went out to Tucanos the next day. I appreciate him so much! He works so hard for us and is the best husband a girl could ask for! Happy birthday, babe!!

Oh, and something random for those of you who love jewelry...

There is a fun jewelry giveaway on this blog I follow. What girl doesn't love jewelry? Especially for free :) They have tons of cute stuff! And Our Family Treat has lots of yummy recipes I love to drool over. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time for Fall!!

I absolutely love fall. I love the colorful leaves, the wonderful temperatures, and the holidays! Halloween is so much fun, and it's also a fun reminder that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not too far away! YAY! I love any excuse to have a great time getting together with friends and family. And how often do you get to dress like a crazy person? Fabulous.

Speaking of Halloween, I'm trying to think of something fun that Matt and I can dress up as. Any fun ideas?

Dear Fall- please don't go away too quickly. I really love you. And I'm really not a winter fan...