Wednesday, April 22, 2009

summer plans

Summer vacation is fast approaching! Next week is finals week, then Matt and I will begin our summer plans. Matt will be selling food storage for a company called Ready Pak. Luckily, it is in Utah so we can stay close to home :)
As for me, I will be staying very busy as well. I will be working in the Salt Lake office for Ready Pak, and also working on expanding my Mary Kay business. Nothing is better than hanging out with girls and playing with make up and skin care products! It's a great company.I will also be working a lot on improving my interpreting skills so I can get certified! Interpreting is challenging, but so fun because you can be creative with language, learn about a lot of different things, and always have a new goal to work towards. It is so hard, but so great.

My group, Simple Grace, will also be preparing for our Debut concert in August! It's going to be so much fun! Much practicing, planning, and song writing will be in order. Love it! Keep posted for details as it approaches.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes I Wish I Was...

On Vacation

A Mommy

An amazing seamstress

Living in a beautiful castle in Switzerland


An Interpreter

A professional tennis player

Fluent in five different languages

A bird

The Star of a music video

But most of all, I love being me!!!!

Thanks for the cute idea, Dani!
*You are all tagged!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good news :)

The results are in! Last night I found out that I passed the written portion of the Utah Interpreter Certification test! Phew what a relief! So needless to say, I'm quite thrilled. With this one down, now I just need to get ready to pass my performance test. That will be waiting until sometime this summer. That would be great if I could pass that the first time too, so I'll be working hard!

More good news is that the Simple Grace website is finally up! To learn a little more about us, listen to music, check out some photos, or schedule anything, check it out at

Monday, April 6, 2009

crunch time

Matt and I just got back from a great time in St. George! It was a great vacation and like all great vacations, it went by way too fast! Now it's back to school. Speaking of school, March is gone and that means it's now the last month of the semester. I'm going to have to kick this senioritis outta here and get crackin on all of my final papers and projects. It's a great feeling to know I only have three more weeks of classes... but it's also a little frightening that I only have three weeks to get everything done! Good luck everyone! Let the countdown to summer break begin!