Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes I Wish I Was...

On Vacation

A Mommy

An amazing seamstress

Living in a beautiful castle in Switzerland


An Interpreter

A professional tennis player

Fluent in five different languages

A bird

The Star of a music video

But most of all, I love being me!!!!

Thanks for the cute idea, Dani!
*You are all tagged!


Ryan and Erika Pettersson said...

That's so cute...But being a mommy is one of the best things in the world!! You'll see :o)

rachel! said...

Hooray for being happy with yourself! I want to do this but yours and Danica's are so cute I feel utterly uncreative when compared to you! Sigh. We'll see.

Mark and Callie said...

So cute!! I want to do it too!

Megan and Tony said...

Cute post! I think you could do all of those things...except be a bird :)

Dani & Jake said...

Yay this is so cute! Im happy someone did it too :) its so fun to see what everyone puts

Jake and Bryton said...

i love that last pic of you! you are GORGEOUS!