Saturday, June 12, 2010


GOOD NEWS- I am going to be a teacher next school year! Starting in August, I will be teaching ASL (American Sign Language) at Copper Hills High School. I'm really excited, because that is where I did my student teaching, and it's a great school with a booming ASL program :) I've had some great experiences there. Still never got used to being called Mrs. Seamons. The school prefers students to not call teachers by their first names. "Mrs. Seamons" just makes me feel so old! haha. But then when other teachers mistake me for a high school student and tell me to get to class, that makes up for it LOL. Teaching can be really time consuming and stressful, but it can also be so rewarding and fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what this first year has in store!

Since graduating, I have been working as an ASL interpreter, which has also been fun. I love being able to be creative with language and to continue learning new things all the time. Now that I'm all graduated and done with school, I have loved working in areas that have actually related to what I studied in school for so long. It all paid off, and it's so fun to apply what I've learned in the "real world." :)