Monday, November 10, 2008

And the blogging begins...

Well we are starting out on our new blog adventure! Speaking of adventures, we have had three months of fun times starting our lives together. We've been married since August and wouldn't go back for the world. We were sealed in the Bountiful, UT Temple and are completely crazy about each other! We went on a fun Honeymoon to Yellowstone and Island Park, then moved to our new little humble abode in Orem. Yay for school! We love being students and are trying to make the most of every moment we have!

Ya, so Matt is getting the wonderful opportunity to be the man of the house and fix all of our old poor-student stuff that is already falling apart! haha no, I guess it's only the cute but old dresser. The wonderful handyman has the dresser out in the living room fixing it so I can actually open the drawers to get to my clothes. Yay! I have thoroughly enjoyed having a man by my side to kill scary spiders, be with me when I have to go outside in the scary darkness, fix the computer, make me laugh, kiss my forehead (because that is so cute) and love me. :) I am such a lucky girl! What a wonderful guy!