Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ice cream creations and other adventures

Wow- I have absolutely no idea where June went, and July is already half over! Summer is flying by a billion times faster than I want it to, but I guess that's what I get for having so much fun! It's crazy to think I'll start teaching next month.

Matt and I have been livin it up, kickin back, and doing lots of fun stuff. We went to Macey's last night to get a massive Kong Cone to share, and ended up discovering a hidden talent. Soft-serve sculpting! Ok, Matt did most of the work because honestly, I'm not too good at it. Maybe one day I will match his awesome skills. But here is the lovely ice cream man we (he) did.

As we started slowly carving and eating away at out ice cream man's face, I decided it looked a little like an alien. So Matt gave it some more finishing touches.

Ahem. Ya, kinda freaky.

On to other recent fun events...

We had a blast camping up American Fork Canyon

Taking a tour of Timpanogos Cave

Delicious summer BBQ's

And other random adventures, with more to come :)

I love summer time!