Thursday, September 22, 2011

The hunt is on...

Matt is in full fledged internship/job search mode. He has a plethora (my word of the day) of interviews this week and next week. Yay, hunny! Seems to be that electrical engineers are in a pretty good spot right now. Doesn't hurt that he's a smarty pants with a tip-top GPA, awesome work experience, and a smashing personality. But enough of my bragging. Turns out quite a few of them are companies where his work would need to be a secret. There would be no telling me all about all of his crazy programming languages, whirly birds (funny name, right?), or other engineering concepts that are way over my head. I love that he's so excited about what he does. He loves it. Wants to fill me in on every little detail. So if he ended up with some top secret job, would I be a little sad if I wouldn't be so informed about his day? Maybe. I love his excitement about everything little thing. Would I miss every equation and 10 new engineering vocabulary words a day? Probably not! (shh- don't tell him! I'm just glad he's the engineer and not me. Not my cup of tea.) I've got the smile and nod thing down to an art. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what comes along. Knock 'em dead, babe.

Many of my cute friends have left good old Utah for jobs and internships, and now I get to be the lucky one wondering exactly where we'll be once this school year comes to an end.

Mom- yes we are trying to stay in Utah :) Hopefully something awesome will come up!

So good luck to Matt with his 4 interviews tomorrow, another on Saturday, and more next week. You're gonna rock their socks off.

I am going to try to recommit to my little blog here. Matt and I had an awesome summer. The best! So here's to hoping I will finally get around to posting about it maybe this weekend.

Tomorrow is Friday! YEAH! Have a good one :)


She Loves The Color Pink said...

Good luck to Matt in his search! I'm excited to see where you guys end up. You make a great couple!

audrey said...

Wow, time for that already?! Good luck Matt! And I love you--"I've got the smile and nod thing down to an art"--haha!! You're such a good wife :) you guys should come back east though!! Just think about it! :)