Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time for Fall!!

I absolutely love fall. I love the colorful leaves, the wonderful temperatures, and the holidays! Halloween is so much fun, and it's also a fun reminder that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not too far away! YAY! I love any excuse to have a great time getting together with friends and family. And how often do you get to dress like a crazy person? Fabulous.

Speaking of Halloween, I'm trying to think of something fun that Matt and I can dress up as. Any fun ideas?

Dear Fall- please don't go away too quickly. I really love you. And I'm really not a winter fan...


She Loves To Make said...

I'm with you on loving fall! I'm so excited for holidays to start, but I'm dreading the freezing weather.

Eliza said...

Yes! Fall can stay as long as winter stays away. :) Beautiful picture! Did you take that?