Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My favorite thing so far

Summer is my favorite! Though the warm weather hasn't decided to stay for good yet, I have already loved loved loved my "summer break" and being done with school. One of my favorite things this past month has been reading. Reading for pleasure! Reading whatever I want to read! That's right- it's not a textbook and it has no deadlines or chapter summaries. I hadn't read a book that wasn't school-related in a long time. I have a nice list of books that my eyeballs will be devouring and I'm quite excited about it. So far, I have read The Kite Runner and am currently on the Uglies. Now it just needs to get a little warmer so I can read outside at a pretty park and get some sun on my pasty white winter skin haha.

What good books have you read? Any good suggestions?


rachel! said...

I LOVED The Kite Runner! Let me know about The Uglies, I've been thinking about reading that one as well. You should read The Hunger Games series :)

Jessica Leigh said...

You should join and add me as a friend... GREAT place for book suggestions/ratings/reviews! Seriously I've loved it!

check to KITE RUNNER

Recent Favorites:
BOOK THIEF (Markus Zusak)
THE HELP (Kathryn Stockett)

And I'm in the middle of HUNGER GAMES (book 2) right now... not a favorite, but I'm enjoying it! (Especially since my last read was 1000 pages, tiny writing and much heavier! Haha... [THE PILLERS OF THE EARTH by Ken Follet... also good, but has some unnecessary additions])


Megan said...

I'm currently reading The Hunger Games and CAN'T put it down!

Kat said...

uglies is awesome. I read that book last year. You should read The help by kathryn stockett. it's really good!