Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yay Christmas Break!!

Finals are FINALLY over! (Well, after Matt turns in his last project tomorrow.) This is a wonderful pic of Matt doing his computer programming homework. I'm glad it's him, not me! Now it's time to take a little breather from homework and studying and we are so excited! As much as we love school, we also live for the vacations haha. Now that it's finally snowing, we are looking forward to some fun snow adventures ahead :)

We have had a fun week with family, as my awesome brother left for his mission today! Ohio will be in for a treat :) I'm back to writing a missionary again, so this should be fun!! Here's a pic of the family at the MTC. What an exciting day! We are very happy for him.

Well, more to come soon!


The Petterssons said...

I can't believe Brandon is gone to the MTC already! That is a great family picture. It was so fun to see you and your family this past weekend.

Megan said...

Cute Mal! Yay for finals being over! You guys are just a match made in heaven. I'm glad you have a blog so I can keep up with your life! Have a wonderful Christmas break!

Cody and Heidi said...

Look how pretty you looked on your wedding!! I love it! I'm glad I found you! - Heidi